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 General Information Sheet for Compiling Affidavits Supporting Historical and Traditional Use of Beach Areas

1. All affidavits should begin with the line….Re: Woodland Beach, Cawaja Beach (or the beach area in which you have historical use) You may have used multiple beaches over a period of time.

2. I, (your name), of the city of (your permanent residence), in the Province of Ontario, MAKE OATH AND SAY AS FOLLOWS:

3.State your age and total # of years of use in the Township of Tiny whether you began your historical and traditional use as a day tripper, renter, guest, family member or owner. You may have had the use of a different area in the Township in your earlier years and then had use in another area when a family member bought property. Registered deeded access and/or use should also be included along with proof: copy of deed. This should all be listed in the affidavit.

4. Personal stories should be included, ie: specific visits to the beach with family members and friends, special stories and memories of your time at the beach. Include copies of pictures on the beach if available (photos will not be returned)

5. Also state the fact that your use and access of the beach was never challenged. If it was please recall the specifics.

6. Your signature must appear at the bottom of the page and the affidavit can be notarized by a lawyer or at “most” Municipal Offices (phone first) for approximately $20.00.

7. If there are beach blocks in the beach area and/or walkways that you use you must include these areas-please add in the line below with the appropriate beach, blocks, plans, etc.

“For .... years I have used and accessed …. Beach over blocks….. on Plan …., in the Township of Tiny, in a manner that was open, obvious, continuous and consistent with a right of way for beach access and use which was never impeded, prevented, prohibited or blocked in any way."
 This will ensure our continued use and access of the walkways and or beach and beach blocks.

8. Please include your home phone number and retain a copy of the affidavit.

Your historical traditional use is a valid objection.

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The Importance Of An Affidavit.

Please mail to:

   Kathy Speers,
   597 Tiny Beaches Road
   R.R. 1,
   Perkinsfield, Ontario,
   L0L 2J0


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