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 Numerous tactics have been tried over the past 10+ years without success by some waterfront owners in their attempts to erode public access.  The term ‘public’ refers to ALL beacher users, whether you are from Tiny Township, from neighbouring communities or from elsewhere. Private signs, fences, locked gates have been used to discourage even back lot neighbours from using historical access points. Surveys have been undertaken by some waterfront owners to change property boundaries and claim ownership of land to the water’s edge, even over beach blocks not in their ownership. Applications have been made for changes through the Committee of Adjustment, rezoning and through the Ontario Boundaries Act.  The next steps are application for Absolute Title – "Land Titles Conversion Qualified" to "Land Titles Absolute Plus". We have been assured that this final step must be advertised in local newspapers, so it is important to keep an eagle eye open for such ads, so they are not inadvertently missed.

The Ontario Ministry of Government Services, Title and Survey Services Office in reply to a letter of concern about a recent application under the Boundaries Act states...

"All properties with the exception of land titles properties with absolute title are subject to rights or interests of others who may have gained that right or interest by virtue of a pre-existing length of use or possession. The purpose of an application under the Land Titles Act would be to confirm title in the name of the registered owner and determine interests in land that others may have by virtue of a pre-existing length of possession or use of the property. During the process under the Land Titles Act Notice is served/published. If a party feels that they have title related interests over the lands included in the application that are not properly represented on title they can object to the application and put their position forward at a hearing convened under that Act."

The Attorney General of Ontario has asked Tiny Council to take a leadership role in resolving the beach access issues in Tiny Township. Our Tiny Council members believe they have no authority to do so and that it is a Provincial matter. Save the Beaches approached Council recently with a deputation on matters of beach access and parking to no avail.  Our Governments are sitting idly by, while our rights to traditional use are being eroded.

In other areas local Governments have taken steps and been successful in protecting public rights and public trust, i.e. Grand Bend, Lake of Bays, Port Stanley, Nobel, Ontario and just recently a Supreme Court decision has been handed down in Michigan, U.S.A. (please see In the News)

  For more info. on Balm Beach please see -  http://www.reachbalmbeach.blogspot.com

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