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DONATIONS NEEDED ... What is your beach use and access worth to you??? Please send donations to : PUBB (Preserving the Use of Balm Beach), P.O. Box 222, Perkinsfield, ON, L0L 2J0

On June 21, over 150 people attended an information meeting to discuss matters related to the fences at Balm Beach. Fences have been erected around a property just south of the main beach area. Construction started in 2006 and the fences have been extended over the last two years to the water’s edge.  The northern fence now virtually prevents any passage between the main beach area and the beach to the south of the property. 
There has been a great deal of opposition to the fence on the grounds that it restricts the historic public access and use of the beach area. Balm Beach has been a popular summer destination for local and other visitors alike and for generations the use of the beach has extended much beyond the municipal beach area. 
The efforts to have the fence removed have been led by a local group which operates under the acronym PUBB (Preserving the Use of Balm Beach).  Doug Lorriman, PUBB spokesperson, says that although it is recognized that the boundary of the property in question does indeed extend to the water’s edge pursuant to a Boundaries Act decision in 2006, the issue of rights of access and use of that beach area has never been resolved through due process.  PUBB has lobbied all levels of government to seek help in resolving the matter but so far has met with little success. “We are very disappointed that the Municipality did not take preventative action as soon as the fence was started and we are even more disappointed that no effort has been made to prevent further fences from being built” says Lorriman.  He goes on the say “we have also been let down by the province, particularly the office of the Attorney General, whose role it is to be guardian of the public interest”.
In spite of the setbacks, PUBB vows to continue its efforts. Pressure will continue on the political front but legal action will also be planned. PUBB has retained a lawyer and has launched a campaign to raise $60,000 to clarify the issue of rights of access and use in the courts.
Statement from PUBB Regarding the destruction of the fence at Balm Beach
PUBB is very sorry to learn of the physical action taken against the fence on the south side of Balm Beach and wishes to make it clear that this action was not supported in any way by PUBB. Doug Lorriman, PUBB spokesperson, said “although our objective is to see the fence removed, we have promoted from the beginning that this be done through legal means. We do not condone destruction of violence. We do not feel that the action taken yesterday helps our cause or Balm Beach. It does, however, underscore the frustration that many people feel from the lack of political leadership on this matter.”

You can also help by writing a letter of concern to the Attorney General, Premier McGuinty, the Ministry of Government Services and to Tiny Township Council. Sample letters are provided for your assistance. We will try to keep you informed – for information please click on...Balm Beach Info


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