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Articles discussing the beach access:

  1. Line in the Sand By Christina Blizzard -- For the Toronto Sun
  2. Tired of Tiny Yet? By R.J.Huntley, Perkinsfield.
  3. Parking Permit Policy  Angers Campers
  4. The Free Press
  5. The Free Press 2
  6. Opinion courtesy of  The Free Press
  7. Plug pulled on beach mediation funding
  8. Decision by high court muddies beach rules
  9. Preserve beach access
  10. Beach walking debate not over
  11. Mich. beachgoers win round in their fight for public access
  12. Now, a Day at the Beach Can Mean a Day in Court
  13. State Supreme Court rules in favor of beachwalkers
  14. State's top court rules beach-walking is OK
  15. OMB orders fence removed from Port Stanley beach
  16. Private beaches not just in Malibu By Christina Blizzard --For the Toronto Sun
  17. Death, taxes, and Tiny beaches, Midland Free Press - Story ID 657426
  18. Man with chainsaw hacks beach fence to cheers
  19. Big trouble in Tiny Township
  20. Good fence makes for bad neighbours
  21. Access to Tiny shoreline fuelling volatile situation
  22. Beach fence damaged
  23. Residents battle for the beachfront
  24. Twist in fence fight as owner is arrested
  25. The chainsaw heard 'round the province by Douglas Hunter
  26. Teen hurt in fray over beach fence
  27. Beach access topped feedback from public
  28. Beach access at heart of word dispute
  29. Tiny resident makes plea to the premier
  31. PUBB criticizes decision as flawed


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